Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Writer's Block

Wowzers...its been quite a while! SO much has happened since my last blog. My 7 year old is now 8, and our summer break has come to a closer. So I am now a Mom to a big 2nd Grader. I can't believe it. Where does the time go? Here are some pics of Ady's first day. She did great, she is an old pro and it really showed.

Adyson sitting at her desk waiting to learn :)
Adyson & her teacher , who she absolutely loves!

Kaylee , Ady & Brandon, what a great group of kiddos in that class! I am so pleased with all the parents in there. We are gonna have some great parties! I am so proud of my big girl, she is maturing and surprises me daily with how sweet and sincere she can be. She loves her baby brother more and more everyday. She also still has Brandon as a boyfriend, going on a year now, can you believe it? They actually talk too! Its not like the boyfriend /girlfriend I remember in school where we never talked to each other. They talk alot, hang out on recess, and since I am friends with his Mommy we get to do alot of out of school activities together. Works out nice, Kim and I have decided if they break up it will be harder on us, I'm sure there will be tears coming from our eyes :( But for now we will enjoy this young love :)
Check back tomorrow, I have tons of stories to catch up on and will be updating daily. Cross my heart, pinkie swear... So come back here tomorrow for more fun!