Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pure Bliss

Gotta watch these 3, they will run ya over in a heartbeat! Oh how I love to watch them ride, however Kanon's ride obviously requires a little pushing on the other end. Most of the time his big sis Ady will push him around the house a few times until she tires out. Ava loves her ride-which is really meant for Ady. It is a Polaris and goes 7 mph, its quite a site to see her manuver this thing around. She has came so close to smacking into my tahoe, it would def. put a good dent in the car and her head. Ady is having a hard time fitting on the little 4 wheeler these days, but still thinks its tons of fun to go splashing through the mud on. These little rides have entertained us all summer long and hopefully will last many more!

What can be more fun than a waterhose and a trampoline? Oh and wrestling your cousin... Makes for a great time. I have some awesome pics of these guys having a blast. The best part was when Adyson had Luke down and had a worm in her hand, I saw luke shielding his mouth from the slimey guy. Luke managed to knock Ady off him and squirt her down...they have such a blast together!

Best part of a hot day is spraying yourself off with a cold water hose :)

We have definately got our moneys worth with our trampoline. We have had ours since Adyson was about 2. We lost our cage around it during the ice storm but it seems to have become more popular without it. I am just waiting for the day that we have to take one of them to the ER for a cast.

A few days ago Kanon had his first jump lesson and was successful!!! As you can tell by the grin on his face he is a new fan of the trampoline!!! If only his sisters would let him have some alone time to practice up on his flips :)

Hope you guys are enjoying the cooler weather, we sure are! It was nice to pull out a chair and my favorite magazines and catch up on all the celeb gossip while my kids played outside all day and night. I love days like that, gave me a bit of fall itis. I am starting to crave those fall days!!! I am sad that my blog has been a week apart, I will try hard to not let that happen again. Hope everyone has a Happy TUESDAY tomorrow!!!

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  1. I love all the pics!! but, the first pic definitely needs the title: AND THE RACE IS ON!